Japan-based Akippa Secures Funding From DeNA and Angel Investors.


Japan-based Akippa Secures Funding From DeNA and Angel Investors. 

The startup that operates online peer-to-peer parking lot sharing platform Akippa and sever online job sites, Osaka-based Galaxy Agency, has recently announced that it has manage to secure a round of funding from DeNA and several angel investors which include Shokei Suda, co-founder of Japanese Internet service Enigmo.


Details on this recent investment have yet to be disclosed bit it’s been stated to be several hundred though US dollars. This follows up on their previous funding that garnered a total of 65 million yen (around US$650,000) from Japanese investment firm Jafco during September 2012.

Akipp helps its customer find any available parking space online. When user book a time slot for it by utilizing their desktop PC or smartphone, hey will be allowed to park their car their by paying a fee of up to 500 yen ($5) a day. It also allows parking lot owner to easily manages their venues through the platform as well.


During the time of its initial launched back in April, Akippa began by offering over 30,000 available parking lots nationwide. The funds that were raised during this round shall be used to further intensify efforts to acquire new user, such as by offering discount to their currently existing user when their friends sign up for the service.

Galaxy Agency CEO Genki Kanaya further elaborated how they will proceed with the business:

We’ll be focused on providing more parking lots in areas in high demand as well as user acquisition. [...] Our platform is a web app for now, but we’re planning to hire several engineers to develop native apps for mobile. We’ll introduce an iOS app early next month, and an Android version will also follow soon.

The company has plans in motion of teaming up with a car-rental and car-sharing companies due to the fact that their typical user have no parking space at home but frequently tend to use rental or sharing service for short outings.

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