Ium Launches its new Dating App For People to Find Their Ideal Dates.


Ium Launches its new Dating App For People to Find Their Ideal Dates.

A social dating service operator by the name of Ium, has recently announced the launching an application for “Your Ideal Type Audition”. This relatively new mobile device applications, has been created with the idea in mind that everyone is everyone elese;s ideal they, users will be able to fine Mr. and Miss Right in a game-like setting.

The Works.

Once the user has launched the application, they will be able to the profiles of up 2o users of the opposite sex. The application has been designed in ways to not give away too much of an advantage for those with really good looks, so that everyone can receive their own fair share of opportunities.

The application is not just a simply for virtual dating, but can also allow users to meet in real life through chatting.

본격 대결, 이상형 오디션 - screenshot

The application is currently available on the Google Play store fore free it can be used by a wide range of age groups between 15 to 40. Ium is currently holding a launching event in which it shall give a way over 50 “hearts’ ( virtual currency that’s worth 4,000 if won) to all newly joined members.

Senior manager of Ium, Yang Seung-Hwa, stated, “Up until now, most social dating games gave too much advantage to good-looking users who took most wins. But the new app of ours doesn’t categorize the gamers into winners and losers and instead helps them find their matches by showing continuous interest.”

Ium has all sorts of potential for not only those who are currently live in the Korea, but for those who are visiting as well. A romantic vacation escapade could really boast the application. Currently, the application is only available in South Korea only, and no news of any expansion have been mentioned for the time being.

본격 대결, 이상형 오디션 - screenshot

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