Issuu Launches Their New App for Windows 8.1 to Meet Publisher Demand.


Issuu Launches Their New App for Windows 8.1 to Meet Publisher Demand.

The world’s fastest growing digital publishing and content discovery platform, Issuu, has recently announced the release of a new application for Windows 8.1 as it continues to launch brand new mobile experiences.


Purposely developed for the next generation of Windows devices, Issue leverages Microsoft’s rich native interaction to deliver an elegant user experience.

Leveraging Microsoft’s semantic zoom side scrolling interface, Issuu has developed an intuitive and highly engaging way to explore its massive library of visually rich publications.

Issuu’s Discovery Engine learns from individual reading behavior and provides a much more personalized and continuous stream of new, relevant and interesting magazine contest to browse. A user can follow their very own path of discovery, taking heavy plunge into content from both niche and popular magazines from all over the globe.

Key features include:

  • Access and explore over 16 million publications for free on your  Surface or other Windows 8.1 device
  • Available in 30 languages around the world.
  • Personalized magazine feed that features recommended content as well  as content from publishers or brands that users select to follow.
  • Users can “stack” collections of their favorite magazines and create a  seamless reading experience across all their devices.
  • Ability to share favorite magazines on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  LinkedIn and other social media sites.

The Works.

Once the downloading has commenced on the new Windows 8.1 Application, users will be able to enjoy an unlimited access towards magazines, catalogs and much more, from NYT Style to Everyday Food to Red Bulletin and American Craft at no cost.

“More and more readers are consuming content across screens than ever  before. We’re building experiences for the new cross-screen reality and  helping millions of publishers make their content discoverable, wherever  their readers are,” said Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu. “We’re excited to  launch this new experience on the Windows platform.”

Issuu’s overarching mobile strategy is to create native mobile application that deliver the highest quality reading and discovery experience across each of the majorly used mobile platforms. This guarantees that Issuu delivers publisher content within the highest quality reading experience and that reader retain access to their favorite content, as well as the new magazines they discover through Issuu.

“With over 1.5 billion smartphones and tablets being sold this year  alone, millions of publishers are relying on Issuu to connect them to  the readers most passionate about their content globally,” Hyrkin ended.

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