ironSource Launches ironLabs to Promote Innovation.


ironSource Launches ironLabs to Promote Innovation.

ironSource, the world’s leading digital delivery platform, today announced the launch of ironLabs, an internal innovation center focused on the creation of new software applications and companies.


ironLabs helps preserve ironSource’s knack for disruptive innovation even as the company continues to grow and expand, by promoting and encouraging the developers working with ironSource to design and build innovative new applications.

ironSource has created market leading platforms for connecting developers with potential users and providing effective monetization mechanisms. ironSource delivers millions of desktop and mobile installs monthly, but ironLabs serves to strengthen the company’s knowledge regarding the likes and needs of users. By distributing and monetizing the internal ironLabs products, ironSource also learns first-hand how to best meet developers’ often changing needs.

“Fostering the development of internal divisions and products helps us keep a developers’ perspective so our core products continue to answer their needs,” said Tomer Bar-Zeev, CEO of ironSource. “We developed our original platform to alleviate the pain points we encountered as developers, and want to make sure we stay true to that approach. We understand what developers need, because we are developers ourselves.”


ironLabs is just one of the ways ironSource maintains its startup DNA as the company’s rapid growth continues. Severalconsumer-facing projects developed by the ironLabs team include the popular iOS app good weather, desktop and android game platform Gameo, and the cross-platform application Spots.

“Each one of our products is a startup inside the larger company,” commented Sagi Benbasat, the General Manager of ironLabs. “And we develop with the pace and energy as any other startup.”

The innovative products and services handled by ironLabs are featured on the newly updated ironSource website.

ironSource will present its platforms and products at booth 304 at Casual Connect San Francisco July 22-24.

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