IPG Mediabrands Launches Its E-commerce Outfit, Ingenuity.


IPG Mediabrands Launches Its E-commerce Outfit, Ingenuity.

IPG Mediabrands has recently announced the launching of its Ingenuity that shall bring end-to-end online commerce solution to all of its clients based within Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.


This  would be the first-in-market e-commerce outfit that shall offer online marketing strategy, online targeting and acquisition, CRM and sales systems integration, big data analytic expertise, as well as an interface design, content and social capabilities to regions marketers.

During the past year, Ingenuity has steadily built together a team of data scientist, creative technologist, sales experts, marketing strategist, online acquisition experts and user experience designers from banking, telecom, travel and technology companies. Ingenuity seeks out to work with cleints as partners with a substantial portion of the remuneration coming from commercial performance

“The bulk of commerce in the digital age takes place offline simply because businesses are afraid of disrupting the existing models. Ingenuity’s mandate is to hold its clients’ hands in this journey of migration,” said Prashant Kumar, CEO of IPG Mediabrands, World Markets Asia. “It is a true native of the digital age and brings together data sciences, social, new age content, and emerging marketing technology with sound business thinking to create a proposition that’s truly integrated.”


With the amount of the digital conversation today in the agency ecosystem revolving around communication, the space is becoming highly commoditized. Ingenuity’s main focus is on driving commercial value by moving this conversation to commerce.

Neeraj Gulati, head of Ingenuity for World Markets Asia, said: “Programmatic has brought in a new era of media efficiency. Lack of right acquisition and sales infrastructure means the possibilities are only half realized. Ingenuity has been built around need states, behaviours and influences in the online world that impact a brand’s purchase funnel. It is therefore seamless and across the funnel.”

During this past April, IPG Mediabrands had went fully hybrid in World Markets Asia, integrating digital planning and purchasing capabilities with tradition planning and buying. It also launched Rally, its social media outfit during the early 2012 that has since hen gained and explosive growth in the region and is currently being launched in Latin America, and Europe during the first quarter of this year.

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