Intuitive Cloud Management Goes Mobile with iland Innovations.


Intuitive Cloud Management Goes Mobile with iland Innovations.

When moving to cloud, many companies are forced to sacrifice the clear visibility and convenient control they are accustomed to getting from their local data centers. iland, an award-winning enterprise cloud infrastructure provider and premier VMware partner, today announced it is putting an end to that tradeoff with major enhancements to its Enterprise Cloud Services portal (ECS portal). Moreover, its new iland Cloud app delivers all of the functionality of the ECS portal to empower customers to more easily monitor and manage cloud resources from anywhere.


In a recent global survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates and commissioned by iland, 88 percent of the 415 respondents reported they struggled with unexpected cloud challenges. When asked what capabilities they needed to make public cloud more accessible, “better management dashboards” topped the list.

“Cloud customers hunger for a simpler, more convenient method for monitoring and managing their public cloud deployments,” said Lilac Schoenbeck, SVP of product management and marketing at iland. “Commodity clouds from IT giants and traditional management dashboards simply don’t get the job done. Based on direct customer feedback, the ECS portal and app set a new standard for cloud management dashboards and ultimately ensure stronger cloud return on investment.”

“After evaluating cloud providers, we found iland was the only company who could give us clear visibility into our cloud, allowing us to manage our resources, predict costs and optimally serve customers,” said Torben Achton, Senior Product Specialist, InCase. “Other cloud dashboards can’t measure up to the transparency iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services portal brings.”

iland’s enhanced portal comes as part of its Enterprise Cloud Services, and enables companies to:

Easily ramp up, manage, optimise and protect cloud environments through a single interface:

  • Deploy and scale resources with a wizard that allows users to provision a new VM or vApp from an iland public catalogue or a private catalogue
  • Modify compute and storage resources assigned to a VM with a few easy clicks, allowing customers to optimize costs and performance
  • Prevent waste with automated lease timers that shut off resources based on customer-defined thresholds
  • Protect VMs using intuitive daily backups and self-service snapshots
  • Secure environments with embedded firewall services and isolated networks

Eliminate costly surprises, speed reporting:  

  • Set alerts based on cost and resource consumption to proactively address potential issues. For example, users can request an alert when a VM exceeds a certain percentage of CPU or when costs are reaching a budgetary limit.
  • Speed reporting through Executive Summary feature that displays pertinent cost and performance details. With a few clicks, the report can be easily downloaded or shared with internal and external personnel.
  • Understand detailed costs for each vDC, vApp and VM over different periods of time so users can accurately manage budgets and bill end customers

Addressing the demands of today’s nonstop business world, the new iland Cloud app is now available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on iTunes. The app gives customers full access to all of the features and benefits of the ECS portal, enabling teams to manage and monitor their cloud on the go.

Experience the benefits of the ECS portal at VMworld 2014

iland will showcase its ECS portal at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, California on August 24 - 28 (Booth #416). Experts will be on hand to discuss how iland’s enterprise cloud and disaster recovery services help companies drive and protect business. Attendees can stop by the booth or request a meeting. Eric Harshbarger, whose works have appeared on national television shows like including NBC’s “TODAY,” will build a LEGO mural within the iland booth.

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