InMobi Sets Up a $25M Fund For Indie Developers.


InMobi Sets Up a $25M Fund For Indie Developers.

The independent mobile advertising network developed from India, InMobi has announced its new monetization solution for games. In order to back up this solution, InMobi has also set up a US$25 million funds for indie game developers.


This solution allows developers to optimize their monetization strategies based around the emotional state of the players as they advance throughout different stages of the game. This solution offers a range of ad formats that include Playable ads, which are developed in partnership with the application virtualization company Voxel, and it offers 20 to 40 second interactive ads where user can test-drive the game being advertised from within the original game.

Interstitial are the full-screen ad units customized with native frames and animations that mirror a game’s visual elements and mechanics. The Video ad formation has over 15 to 30 seconds of advanced video ads, ideal for a positive break within a game live level wins And the Rewarded Ad format that allows a user to earn rewards such as virtual currency for a specific actions taht also include watching Video ADs or interacting with a Playable Ad.


The monetization solution for gamers has also included a unified analytics platform, partner management and creative consulting services.

With these available funds, their objective is to create several millionaires in the indie game developer community. InMobi will provide advisory services which include global scaling, monetization , ad experience creation to developers who enroll though 2014. The funds shall equip indie game developers to increase their application revenue through monetization.

“InMobi is focused on enabling indie developers scale globally. With a dedicated program like InMobi Monetization Solution for Games we are reiterating our commitment to this community,” said Piyush Shah, VP – Products, InMobi. “We expect this program will help us partner with some of the most innovative minds in the gaming world to further push the envelope on their ad experiences,” he added.

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