influr Forms a Partnership Airbnb and MTV Asia to Launch A Campaign.


influr Forms a Partnership Airbnb and MTV Asia to Launch A Campaign.

Singapore-based startup influr has recently announced an online content crowdsourcing partnerships with Airbnb and MTV Asia throught its marketing technology platform.


Initially founded during August 2013, the web-based platform works around the ides that “not everyone has influence” and that those with “influence” should be rewarded. In this case, “Influence” would refer to the content creators capability to gain a reaction. It’s well-defined and thank to technology, it’s measurable.

For Airbnb, influence launched a campaigned named ‘Inspire your peers to travel with Airbnb’ during July 4th, and will be ending this campaign sometime soon. MTV Asia’s campaign, named #COOLEST10DAYJOB, Began during the past Friday, and shall ending sometime during July 24th. Furthermore, influr will also be launching its ‘How Are You Creative’ campaign next week.


According to an official statement from influr, Airbnb’s campaign, which was solely exclusive to Singapore-based users, allowed content creators to engage their friends, family and fans on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook, and promote Airbnb as a preferred accommodation partner. Engagement will than be measured and translated into money, which user will be able to redeem.

MTV Asia’s #COOLEST10DAYJOB’ campaign has a whole different objective in mind. Open to content creators from Indonesia, the Philippines , Malaysia and Singapore, the end-reward is rather elusive and exciting. The lucky winner will receive a chance to run MTV Asia’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account for an entire day, and invite two friends to atten MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014.

Additionally, influr’s own ‘How Are You Creative’ Campaign shall reward one winner with the title of ‘Creator of the Month’. the firm pointed out that all social media content for this particular campaign shall be published in a photobook.

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