The Increasing Growth of Instagram In China.


The Increasing Growth of Instagram In China.

In a similar fashion to other Internet sites, Facebook is one of the many blocked within China by government censors for the past years. Although, one interesting thing to is that Facebook very own Instagram, one of the loved application by photographers and seflie takers alike around the world, has so far manage to avoid any of the regular scrutiny.


Ever since Facebook manage to acquire instagram back during 2012, Facebook has stayed silent over Instgrams reach within the Chinese market. The last time anyone had heard the words China and Instagram together was from during the November of 2011 with insiders stating that the application was picking up over 100,000 users in China per week

It’s pretty much impossible at the moment to try and garner any information on Instagrams expansion into China’s 700 million mobile device users, but its is possible to try and sketch up a rough growth estimation with the various aids of marketing researchers such as App Annie. For instance, Instagram has been ranked to be at 312th in Apple’s App Store in China on the day of Sytrom’s Disrupt appearance during the late 2011 and has since then scaled up to 66th overall rank.


For any market to have some significance for an ad-driven business like Instagram, brands must be willing to distribute their marketing budgets into the platform, and Instagram  is no exception to this matter, especially with the high potential marketing value it has. Ogilvy and Leo Burnett are just two major advertising agencies opening up to use the photo-sharing platform as service clients.

“At Leo Burnett, we saw that there was a growing interest in Instagram from Chinese users and sought to include this platform as part of our social-media marketing mix,” said Mo Luan, social media manager at Leo Burnett China.

From the information provided by Ogilvy report, during November 2013 and January 2014, mentions of Instagram on Weibo has been increasing over 12.8 month over month with a as much as a 43.7 percent increase in mention between November and January, many of these post are shared directly onto Weibo from Instagram.

“Despite its growth, Instagram doesn’t offer the scale that Weibo and WeChat do. We’re still proposing this for our clients, and a couple of more adventurous brands are giving it a try,” said Jeremy Webb, national director of social at Ogilvy.

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