IDA And Google Team Up to Launch Their Squared Data Program.


IDA And Google Team Up to Launch Their Squared Data Program. 

During this past February of 2014, The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) had announced that it was teaming up with Google to launch their Squared Data Programme (SDP), which will help develop the country’s rising analytics talent. SDP was formally launched during last weeks Friday.

SDP Participants.

According to an official press release, the 20 SDP participants shortlisted will go on to learn about data alaytics, information management, business intelligence, and consumer and marketing insights.

To let it be known, each of the participants shall receive a monthly grand amounting to S$2,400 (US$1,1919) over the coming 10 months. Google shall also provide eight weeks of full-time training, with the support from experts and Singapore-based agencies, and Google mentor will then provide 35 weeks of on-the-job mentoring.

Singapore-based web analytics firm Sparkline is the only analytics agency to participate in this program. The fresh company, initially founded during 2012, shall train participants in data analytics skill as it facilitates the Data architecture and Data Analytics training modules.


During this 10 month period, every participant shall work alongside the agencies involved within this program. Two SDP participants shall work at Sparkline; its client also include Google, SingPost, IKEA, Malaysia Airlines, INSEAD, Amari, Digi, Dtac and Bangkok Air.

Once Done, SDP graduates shall serve a one year bond for an info-communications related job within the city-state.

Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar, Managing Partner, Sparkline said, “While we provide analytics training to many companies, equipping recent graduates with analytics skills speeds up the learning and development process for them, and for their future employers.”

“Asia is experiencing an amazing shift to digital,” added Joanna Flint, Country Director, Google Singapore. “… This shift online is a huge opportunity for businesses enabling them to connect with consumers at scale, and measure their performance more easily. It also means you need to have people in place with the skills to do all that measuring — making analytics very important.”

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