The Hurdles Of PC Gaming Developers In South Korea.


The Hurdles Of PC Gaming Developers In South Korea.

It can be extremely difficult to make it into the online PC gaming market within South Korea, especially if there no backing from a much bigger publisher at hand.


A report recently released from the analytics firm IHS has stated that while Korea games tend to be worth a huge load, its only due to them coming from already established companies such as Nexon, NCSoft and EA. South Korea has become the world’s second largest market for online mulitplayer PC games thank to the game library from the aforementioned publishers.


At the moment, Korea’s online gaming has become worth US$2.83 billion in the region. The market will be worth over US$3.5 billion during the next four years, though it will be done so at a slow growing pace. Nexon’s free-to-play fares, such as FIFA Online 3 and Sudden Attack have had strong sales, while NCSoft’s old-school MMORPG Lineage has seen US$281 million in consumer spending during 2013. The funny thing for all of this is that Lineage was released during 1998.


According tot he report, new games that have been released during the past year or so could not make it pass the titles such as FIFA Online 3 or Linage.


 “With growth being driven from these established games, it is perhaps no surprise that it was relatively suppressed at eight per cent. In contrast the mobile and tablet games market grew over 250 per cent in 2013 and was worth over US$1 billion for the first time.”

While these games still have a chance in making it by release their game towards other countries who gladly accept newer titles, though this does make one wonder the if whether smaller outfits can be afforded to keep a game going for more than fives years without have to be acquisition by a much larger corporation.

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