Hugo Barra Confirms Xiaomi’s Preparation For Launch in Malaysia.


Hugo Barra Confirms Xiaomi’s Preparation For Launch in Malaysia.

For what seems to be the very first time, The entire globe has been gossiping about a Chinese Brand, This particular brand would e the upstarter phone-maker Xiaomi. During a conference held at the Startup Singapore 2014 event, Xiamomi’s VP of international, Hugo Barra, elaborated on how such a young company could approach in its unusual ways of manufacturing and retailing.


Barra went on to also unveil that Xiaomi is planning to launch in Malaysia “in the next two,three, or four weeks.” The actual date should be announced sometime soon. For now, Xiaomi has only been released from mainland China in three places, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Since its popular public event for fans based in Taiwan proved to be a successful hit. Xiaomi plans to do the same thing for Singapore.

Xiaomi is ” bound to change the world in significant ways” that are “comparable to creating the Android platform,” Barra stated towards his interviewers, and that’s why Barra took it upon himself to relocate towards China, departing from leading the Android crew at Google) to work alongside Lei Jun and his team at Xiaomi. “They’re insanely smart,” says Barra of the core Xiaomi crew.

Barra went on to further elaborate about how Xiaomi effectively iterates weekly, and that’s possible because of  the way the gadget-developer sell their phone in batches, mostly through online sales once the batch has become ready to ship out. So Xiaomi makes some minor changes to the hardware after listen to both internet and public feedbacl. User have submitted over one million items of feedback per day, Barra stated. Those related to both hardware and software, which includes bugs related to MIUI, Xiaomi’s Android interface and over software ecosystem.

Barra states that this kind of iteration and user-suggestion implementation is really quite unique

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