HotelQuickly Secures $4.5 Million funding from GREE.


HotelQuickly Secures $4.5 Million funding from GREE.

Online traveling has become quite the buzz in Asia over the past couple of years, with research show a whole lot of positive reaction for the industry. HotelQuickly wants to join in on this huge part of the rising popularity of online travel for this part of the world, with its service that allows tourist to book a discounted hotel room during the last minute.


HotelQuickly intially launched its mobile application during March 2013, and has since scaled rapidly to date, it’s chalked up over more than 300,000 downloads and 150,00 registered users, while over more than 3,000 hotels have signed up with its to sell last-minute inventory. On average, HotelQuickly shows around 20 hotels in any of its 100 destination in 12 countries.

Currently, it has secured a $4.5 million funding round led by Japanese mobile gaming company GREE, while Thailand-based hospitality tycoon William E. Heineke also participated during this round. This comes along not long after it has managed to raise over $1.5 million during August 2013.


While GREE may be an unexpected partner, HotelQuickly surely has a alot to learn from GREE in terms of developing a product for a fast-moving market, as Japanese firm is way ahead in terms of business intelligence and product development, as stated by co-founder and chief operating officer Christian Mischler.

“GREE is very strong on mobile gaming, a sector that is driven by fast product development, quick iterations, strong business intelligence — in order to feel the pulse of the market and to develop targeted and tailored products,” Mischler said.

One thing interesting thing to note down, Gree has also diversified from mobile gaming into launching its very own Japan-based last minute hotel booking service called Tonight. Mischler stated that the partnership doesn’t mean HotelQuicly shall over take that business, as GREE has its own people to manage the Japan-focused product. Although, it seems to make sense to eventually consolidate the product, as it will help HotelQuickly gain a whole new Japanese market.

HotelQuickly has recently spread out its focus to allow customers book one day in advance. Furthermore, more partners are offering multi-night bookings, a feature that was integrated during the previous year.

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