HotelQuickly Makes Some New Design Changes To Their New App.


HotelQuickly Makes Some New Design Changes To Their New App.

A Hong Kong based startup that is mainly focused upon the Asia-pacific region with a last minute hotel booking application which was initially launched during the previous year, HotelQuickly, is expanding their own focus to allow users to be able to book rooms the day before they have to check in.


The application has been made to work alongside hotels based in over 12 different countries, in the similar style to that of HotelTonight, by offering hotels the chance to sell their own unused inventories, and allowing customers to purchase discounted stays. Previously, the window for booking a room had racked up between 08:00 AM to 04:00 AM the same day, but now bookings can be made the day before check-in.

Including these recent improvement also comes along, a complete revamping of the application has added filter to sort out hotels by price and third-party reviews of hotels. Furthermore, even more partners are offering a multi-night booking, a feature which had been integrated during the previous year. HotelQuickly’s founders boasted that along with its six different available languages, the application has been downloaded over more than 400,000 times ranging from the iOS, Android and Blackberry 10.


This service has boasted more than 2,500 “hand-picked” partners, covering more than 100 destination across 12 markets in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Founder Christian Mischler spoke on their recent decision to extend was based on user feedback.

“Many told us that when they travel internationally, they don’t want to take the risk of not having a hotel available or only finding an overpriced one,” he said.

“Further, many airports still don’t offer free wifi access, which would require international travelers to either turn on data roaming (expensive), pay for wifi, or find free wifi somewhere – which is too much of a hassle.

“If they fly out of their home country before 8am, they would therefore choose not to book with us, but book with an OTA.

“This was already the reason why we extended our booking window from initially 12pm to 8am in the morning – and we registered a lot more bookings due to this change.”

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