Hong Kong’s Taxi Booking App, TaxiWise Has By Acquired By IKKI


Hong Kong’s Taxi Booking App, TaxiWise Has By Acquired By IKKI

We rarely see a lot of acquisition happen in Hong Kong, but we should be seeing more of these occur in the near future with the rising startup scene in Hong Kong. Taxiwise was apart of the 1st batch of the AcceleratorHK group and was able to secure early funding fromfrom James Giancotti of BigColors, Felix Lam of Red Chapel Advisors and Stephen Fort. 


The main goal of Taxiwise was to solve the problem of foreigners traveling to Hong Kong. The Taxiwise team realized that not a lot of people knew how to get around or catch a cab in Hong Kong. Catching a cab in Hong Kong for a local isn’t difficult, but it can be a problem for people visiting Hong Kong mainly due to the culture difference and language barrier.

The app itself is simple yet very well designed. You simply enter the date and time that you would like to book a taxi and you’re good to go. Taxiwise will do all the grunt work for you on the background. You do not need to be able to speak Chinese or any other language, the taxi will be there when you need it and the driver will know where you want to go. You can manually type an address in or let the app recommend you an address.

The company that acquired Taxiwise, IKKY, is another booking service app that allows people to set reservations, book dinners, and manage their own personal bookings. The CEO of Taxiwise claimed that after months of discussion, they both agreed on an undisclosed offer. These two companies will make Hong Kong a much better place with the best booking systems under the same company.

The founder of Taxiwise, Jean, hopes that his exit can motivate other startups to work hard and do the same.

If you’re in Hong Kong and need a taxi check out their app which is available in both play store and app store. Learn more from their website here:



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