Hong Kong Occupy Central Has Undergone a Massive DDoS Attack.


Hong Kong Occupy Central Has Undergone a Massive DDoS Attack.

Occupy Central Organizer has recently manage to drawn out some back up plans as hackers continue to attack their voiding platform, which has recently opened up for use.

Occupy Central.

The Citizens of Hong Kong are being asked to select one of the three political reforms proposals for the 2017 chief executive election with voting currently extended until June 29th.

“As our electronic voting platform is still being attacked, we are increasing the number of our on-site polling stations to enable Hongkongers to vote,” said Chan Kin-man, one of the Occupy Central organizers.

Occupy Central convener Benny Tai Yiu-ting stated that if the electronic voting platform, which is under the operation of service providers CloudFlare, is stunted, then another operator will most likely take over. Tai further stated that CloudFlare is currently upgrading their entire system to continue counteracting these on going cyber attacks.

During the previous night, around 37,200 people had preregistered online to vote for the proposals. Fifteen voting booths shall be opened up during Sunday, and at least one shall be kept open during the week until the following Sunday when there will be 10 booths opened up.


University of Hong Kong very own pollster Robert Chung Ting-yiu described the hacking attacks as massive scaled and unprecedented.

Acting Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu commented that police are currently investigating the hacking attacks on Occupy Central and Apple Daily.

Smartphone user will be able to preregister using their application Pop Vote, which is currently up and running ever since the previous Friday.

During the weekend, the system was overwhelmed by a massive distributed denial-of-service attack. This forced two of the three service providers, Amazon Web Services and UDomain, to withdraw from the project.

Next Media chief executive Cassian Cheung Ka-sing, stated much earlier that several system used to target their websites during Wednesday, where both located in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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