The Highly Rumored Xiaomi Mi4 And its Specifications.


The Highly Rumored Xiaomi Mi4 And its Specifications.

The Mi4, Xiaomi’s most latest flagship, has been said to come equipped with s Snapdragon 8– processor and a 5.5 inch display, based on what has been scrutinized by circulating information on the technology space. Speculation have also stated that the device could be launched sometime before the end of this year in over a total of 10 different countries.


Announcement made during an earlier time by Xiaomi stated its flagship product will be available in the countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, and India. However, this announcement was made for the current Xiaomi Mi3 flagship, its successor is expected to follow the same track.

Up until the actually release for the Xiaomi Mi4, everything surrounding the device shall stay a mystery where or not it will be the price of its predecessor. Though the device may have yet to be release, it has already garnered some pretty impressive reviews regarding the specification and design.

The rumored Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 integrated into the Xiaomi Mi4 is a powerful process that’s clocked at a high performance frequency of 2.46 GHz/ This is the very same process thats used in the popular mobile phone such as Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One.

THe Xiami Mi3 will also come with a 16GB of internal storage, 3GB of RAM, and a powerful 13 MP camera. The operating system provided with it will be Android 4.3 and the device will support 4G networks.

Xiaomi plans to sell approximately over 40 million smartphone units by the end of 2014 and the Xiaomi Mi4 could be highly important contributor to its ambitions. Even more so, since the company has plans to expand its reach far beyond China, Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, sales figures are expected to rise.

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