Hero of the Storm Shall be Published by Asiasoft On Behalf of Blizzard.


Hero of the Storm Shall be Published by Asiasoft On Behalf of Blizzard.

Fans of multiplayer online battle arenas, or MOBA’s as most would know them by, living in Asia, who wish for to play something differently instead of the usual League of Legends and DOTA 2, are most likely becoming extremely hyped over the impending release of Blizzard’s offering Heros of the Storm.

Team Up.

As of recent, Asiasoft and Blizzard have announced a partnership to bring the MOBA locally to Southeast Asia in the following regions: the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.CEO of Asiasoft Pramoth Sudjitporn stated that the company would be working closely with Blizzard in order to prepare for the game’s launch in the aforementioned countries, which will be sometime during this coming year.

The main Asiasoft branch will be handling both Singapore and Thailand, while its subsidaries CiB Net Station and Level Up will be handling the Philippines and Malaysia respectively. Concerning the matters on microtransactions, Asiasoft has planned to reveal more details once they near launching, though its suspected that Asiasoft’s A-Cash system will most likely be involved.

Other Regions.

For places a such as Vietnam and Indonesia, Blizzard and Asiasoft have as of yet to release any public statements on there release, but did state that its current focus is on the previously mention four SEA region first. For Vietnam, there’s a licensing requirement needed to publish games there that could take companies a while to clear.


Addressing the matter on Indonesia, the country is a hotspot for gaming in general, but its possible that someone did the numbers on the country and figured it would not be worth its time to invest into. Of course this is all just an stated opinion on this writers behalf, things could change sometime  later in time, as the MOBA market is highly lucrative. China alone has manage to generate a market of US$8.7 billion from PC gamers.

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