Hanwha Eagles Integrates World’s First Cheerleading Fan-bots.


Hanwha Eagles Integrates World’s First Cheerleading Fan-bots.

Korea’s professional baseball club based in around the city of Deajeon, the Hanwha Eagles, have recently introduced a mannequins named “Fan-bots” that would play the role of cheerleaders holding LED placards while seated in the bleachers.

They shall make their grand debut at the Daejon Baseball Stadium, the home ball park of the Eagles, the robot fans shall be seated in three rows and cheer up the game with LED messages appropriate to the moment.


Furthermore, besides the usual support messages that appear such as “Go Eagles” or “I Love You, Eagles!” the robots shall be wearing the uniform shirts and jeans and can relay text messages sent by the fans within the park or outside. They can also show the fan’s face n the screen , adding eve more fun to the game.

Kim Seung-bi, a 26-year-old hardcore Eagles fan, said, “I like the fact that I can send messages even when I am not in the ballpark or not watch the game on TV. I am proud of being an Eagles fan as the club has pioneered the world’s first all-digital cheerleading troops.”

Along with these recent events, the Hanwha Eagles have recently manage to complete their renovation work on the ballpark, which includes a luxury suite that’s been appropriately named the “Hanwha Direct Zone” and expanded the dugouts for the home team players as well as those for the away team. With these recent mass improvements, the baseball club is trying to get even more closer to their fans while also offer better services for them.

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