Hankster Club, The Matchmaking Service That Brings Groups of People Together.


Hankster Club, The Matchmaking Service That Brings Groups of People Together.

Hailing from King Mongkut’s university of Technology Thonburi, a group of computer-engineering students have developed a group-hangout matchmaking service that pairs up groups of three people each, named Hankster Club.


Hankster Club matches people with another group who have a similar interest and tastes. It arranges a meeting near well known establishments in popular areas of Bangkok such as Thonglor-Ekkamai or Khaosan Road, pre-arranging welcome drinks for six people, according to the club’s co-founder and chief executive officer, Amad Suwannarat.

“People just register at www.hanksterclub.com, choose a night they want to meet and have fun, invite two friends and submit the [matching request],” he said.

Instead of a one-on-one matchmaking service, Hankster Club though up the idea of matching two groups of three. Thus creating a new experience for people who wish to form new relationship, socialize and join community for fun. Those who enjoy the nightlife can use this matchmaking service to make this happen.

“Hankster Club offers a new matchmaking experience that is a fun, safe, no-pressure way to form real relationships,” Amad said.

“We believe that real relationships have to be formed outside the home or a computer monitor. We believe that nightlife society is about more than just drinks and bad things. It is about finding good new friends, an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

“Our vision is to create a society of fun, friends and hangouts that we have never seen before. If we think about finding new ‘real’ friends, new experiences of life and fun, everybody must think of Hankster Club,” he said.


He elaborated that one out of three adult Thais were single, and half of them believes that matchmaking servers are not that bad. They are targeted groups expect to join this service.

Researchers have found that small social circles, a lack of relationship, and shyness can be the most common reason people cannot either meet someone or feel better about being single. There are plenty of options available for people to find their soulmates, such as utilizing a matchmaking service or online data platforms and applications.

“However, we think matchmaking services are quite expensive and put people in high-pressure situations. Online dating is not expensive or may even be free, but we can’t expect much of a result from these services and they are also not safe,” Amad said.


Hankster Club was launched during March. At the moment, it has over more than 200 members and there have bee more than 50 match making requests. The services goals are to acquire over 1,000 members and make more than 10,000 matches, whcih could earn BT3 million during the first year. The main targeted users are university and college students along with first-jobbers who are between the ages of 20 and 35 years old. The service fee for each match is priced at Bt500 per person match, or Bt 1,500 per group per match.

“We could also make a profit from a margin on drinks and food at the pubs and restaurants where we set up the matches,” Amad said.

After its initial launch within Bangkok, the service has been scheduled to expand towards big cities through the Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, Chon Buri and Khon Kean. It also plans to expand towards other Asian countries in the near future.

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