Gunosy Launches Its New Service Towards the West.


Gunosy Launches Its New Service Towards the West.

A little while ago, the Japanese mobile news startup by the name of Gunosy launched its English version of their application for the UK. Recently the company has announced that its iOS application within the US as well, with and Android version of the application to follow something near the end of the month.


The company has stated that its aiming for 80 million installations outside of Japan, and 100 million worldwide. While it may seem that this application will become a highly successful endevor there are still a number of reason on why this application may fail in its current form.

First of all, there’s no readability view, Gunsoy does not provide its news articles with a clean and structured down, Readability -style view. Most Western news application tend to normally have one.

Another thing to points out, is that upcoming startups that enter a market at a later time, in a similar fashion that Gunsoy is currently doing, they benefit from watching the competitions movements, and take said knowledge to make their own product completely better. Gunsoy seems to believe that they will have a change to go competitors who have already made a name for themselves and not bother to improve their moves.

Gunsoy seems to strongly believe that they will be able to easily infiltrate the market and become the next top dog in the within its market once its spread out towards the other regions. While its confidence can be somewhat admirable, it does come off more as arrogance, arrogance that could easily lead towards the companies downfall if they don’t watch their steps.


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