Gumi, Publishers of Mobile Game Brave Frontier, Plan to File For IPO This Year.


Gumi, Publishers of Mobile Game Brave Frontier, Plan to File For IPO This Year.

Gumi has recently been doing a really well for them selves in this over saturated gaming industry, and its thanks to their currently money-making Japanese role-playing game by the name of Brave Frontier. This title has managed to gains a huge traction for both the iOS and Android market based on recent states from March. The fun comes from the to the style of gaming it contains, gaining random party members and battling it out with enemies in a similar fashion to that of a Valkyrie Profile-style is fun.


With this amazing news, things are beginning to heat up for the Japan-based publisher. CEO of Gumi, Hironao Kunimitsu has recently revealed during a panel held at the Startup Asia Singapore 2014, that Gumi plans to go for an Initial Public Offer (IPO) near the end of 2014. Although, he has yet to disclose on the country he will be filing the IPO in. At the current moment, the company has sated to be work a total of $160 million. While Kunimitsu has not stated the exact figure, but stated, “We’re not a cheap company.”


Gumi is currently planning to expand upon its RPG Brave Frontier beyond the capabilities of the smartphone. The company will be launching an animated television series based upon the franchise. No animation or production studio have be named or announced for the project as of yet, though with its current money gained from the RPG, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to hire some very well known animations studios like BONES or Studio Trigger.

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