GrabTaxi launches Their Own Luxury Service In Singapore With GrabCar.


GrabTaxi launches Their Own Luxury Service In Singapore With GrabCar.

Taxi passengers who are wiling to dish out some extra cash for a cab during peak hours will not have another source of securing a ride, with a new service by the company behind the taxi-booking mobile application GrabTaxi.


In a recent partnership with limousine companies, GrabCar will allow user to book a private for hire premium car. For a four-seater Mercedes Benz, the cost amounts to S$38 (RM97) for destination under four km. Passing that, passenger will be charged with over S$50 for trips regardless of the distance, time and ERP charges. There is also a surcharge of S$10 between midnight and 6am.

Passengers will be able to select from several car options, such as a four-seater Volkswagen Passat or a 13-seater Toyota Hiace. The waiting time for a private-car is comparable to that for taxis, stated GrabTaxi.

Apart form GrabCar, Uber, a rival car booking service company that originates from San Francisco, is also providing a similar service in Singapore. UberBlack, With a base fare of S$7, charges S$0.45 a minute and S$1.95 for every kilometer traveled. The minimum fare for the service is S$12.

When asked about GrabCar’s pricing vis-a-vis its competitors, Lim Kell Jay, general manager of GrabTaxi Singapore, said: “If you look at what limos are being priced at in Singapore right now, we are actually on par.”

He further elaborated that since this new service charges a fixed rate, shorter distance may be seen a bit more expensive.

“However, if you book (a car for long distances) … it would be more affordable compared with (our competitors),” said Lim at the launch of GrabCar yesterday.

GrabTaxi declined to disclose on the size of the fleet serving under GrabCar, but stated that it would adjusting the fleeting in accordance to observed demand.

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