GrabTaxi Expands It’s Service Into Jakarta In a Trail Beta Launching.


GrabTaxi Expands It’s Service Into Jakarta In a Trail Beta Launching.

One of the most prominent players within the taxi hailing application space, GrabTaxi, has recently announced tha lunching of its beta version release in Jakarta.


Initially founded during July 2011 as MyTeksi based in Malaysia, GrabTaxi has garnered massive attention throughout Southeast Asia. The company has boasted that one cab is being booked every second within those regions. With a total of 1.2 million downloads and over 250,000 users per month, Grabtaxi boast to be the currenty market leaders throughout Southeast Asia.

“Since the mobile app was first launched in 2012, the response from commuters around Southeast Asia has been amazing. Now we are bringing the convenience and reliability of GrabTaxi mobile app to Indonesian commuters,” said Anthony Tan, GrabTaxi Founder and Group CEO.

Tan further stated that drivers who have joined up with GrabTaxi reported that they’ve gained an increase of 30 to 300 percent in their escorting income.

GrabTaxi application offers a similar serve to that of other taxi hailing application that communicates commuters with local taxi drivers. With GrabTaxi commuters can also including their destination when it come to booking a taxi, thus increase the chances of a highly successful booking. Taxi drivers become even more inclined to accept booking offers if the current destination is heading towards their preferred route.

The Works.

This application can be downloaded for free on mobile devices that ar running either iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows. Once the application is launched, GrabTaxi shall automatically detect the commuter’s current location through the use of the mobile devices integrated GPS and show the current number of available taxis within a certain radius. The commuter can selected the their destination and the booking request will be sent to taxi drivers within a certain range. The diver shall propose for the job and the nearest one to the commuter shall be assigned to the booking. The commuter receives booking confirmation under one minute, along with information provided on the driver, such as names, vehicles, registration number and the estimated time of arrival.

The commuter will also be able to track down location in real time of the booked taxi, watching as their driver head to their current location. GrabTaxi has also integrated with a GPS maps application to help drivers to navigate much better.

For a limited amount of time the beta launching during June 6th to July 6th,2014, GrabTaxi shall be gibing away a MAP shopping vouchers for its beta testers.

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