GrabTaxi Announces The Launching of GrabCar, A Limo Booking Service.


GrabTaxi Announces The Launching of GrabCar, A Limo Booking Service.

The taxi-booking service that operates in Southeast Asia, GrabTaxi, has recently announced its first private car booking service, a service that is somewhat similar to that of their competitor Uber.


The current services that are available for GrabTaxi, allows the user to request for a nearby public taxi cabs in places like, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, but the company has describer its newly issued service as “GrabCar” offering as a “limo service.” Something that’s already been implemented by Uber.

Originally available in its own home based market of Malaysia, GrabCar bookings can be done from inside the existing GrabTaxi Application, which the company has recently unveiled that it has managed to pass over 1.2 million downloads from those five countries.

GrabTaxi has gone on to explain that its limo car rates are “calculated similarly to taxis” using a base far and a second fee that related to the distance of the chosen locations. Interestingly enough, GrabCar shall also include a surcharge during peak hours.


GrabTaxi has estimated that a simple 15 kilometer driving distance would cost up to a total of RM19 (US$5.80) during its off peak hours, RM27 (US$8.40) during its peak times.

These prices are most likely to change once GrabCar is prepared to launch this service towards other cities.

During an interview with TNW, a Spokesperson from GrabTaxi has stated that the company shall be utilizing the same methods for sourcing drivers with GrabCar, as it does with its original services.

“We select fleet partners who have the required licenses and permits needed to operate this service and have an established track record in the industry,” they said.

The spokesperson further elaborated that the company plans to hire local people due to them being more aware of the market, and utilizing cash-based payments because“users in our markets are not comfortable storing certain sensitive data in an app.”

The Malaysian-based company has managed to raise a total of $10 million in funding during the previous month and has plans to make some major expansion that will show its original GrabTaxi service to be launched into more countries. It plans to expand the availability into other markets as well, however, the company has not provided any time gram for this expansion at the current moment.

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