Gopher Indonesia Receives An Investment From Ideoworks.


Gopher Indonesia Receives An Investment From Ideoworks.

In a recently decided move to scale, localize towards Indonesia, and develop the digital advertising market within the largest Southeast Asian country for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Gopher Indonesia has recently announced it gained an investment from Ideoworks. The amount received has not been disclosed at the time being.


Gopher Indonesia is a subsidiary of the Gopher Group, a digital advertising business that first began during 2007. During the past six years, the overall company has continued to help out SMEs based in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore, to gain customers online.

The Indonesian-based branch has been awarded with the very first official Google AdWords Premier Small Medium Business Partner for Indonesia. During the year 2013 alone, Gopher Indonesia has managed to successfully serve a total of more than 1000 SMEs within the country, and managed to deliver more than 233 million ad impressions and 8.7 million leads, Acorrding to the COO of Gopher Group Talei Wood.


The investment gained by Gopher Indonesia shall be carried out together with Buzzworks, a sister company of Ideoworks that serves as a media placement.

The Chairman of Ideoworks, Andi Boediman, stated,“With Google and Gopher Indonesia, we want to support Indonesian SMEs to harness the potential of the internet to grow their business both, within Indonesia and overseas, with ads in multiple languages. We target to empower 3,000 new Indonesian SMEs within three years.”

We have tried to reach out to Gopher Indonesia but have not received a reply for the time being. This business might just be one of the statups too keep an out for, especially with the massive potential it could have for upcoming business to flourish and expand their presence .

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