Google’s Chromecast Makes Its First Asian Expansion By Launching in Korea.


Google’s Chromecast Makes Its First Asian Expansion By Launching in Korea.

Google has been playing the expansion game lately, when it comes down to its streaming device known as Chormecast. The dongle had previously managed to launch into Europe during March, and as of recently, the streaming dongle, which allows user to ‘cast’ content from a smartphone, tablet, or even laptop towards any HDMI-equipped television, will make its first entry into the Asian market with its first country being Korea.


Besides allowing their customers to stream content across the Internet, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices, Google has committed deals with domestic stream services such as Tving and Hoppin, who will be giving Chromecast owners within Korea access to over “tens of thousands” of all of their favorite movies, videos, and TV shows.


This recent oversea’s expansion has taken the Chomecast device out of its home in the US and saw it travel towards 11 new countries, Asia-based users outside of Korea will unfortunately not receive the dongle for the time being, as this launch is limited to a single country for the time being. Google has gone out of their way to explain the reasons behind this Korean expansion, with the country being among the “most savvy consumers of content over the Internet in the world” with mobile being one of the main driving point.

For that matter, the company has stated that over 8- percent of YouTube content is being consumed in Korea and is done so by the usage of mobile devices. That is double the amount of global average at 40 percent and an indicator as to why the company is prioritizing the Korea market

The Chromecast is currently on sale within Korea from Google’s dedicated website, where its been priced for a total of 49,900 won, that amount $49.

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