Google Offers Goa 3D mapping and Incubation of 1,000 Startups.


Google Offers Goa 3D mapping and Incubation of 1,000 Startups.

Google has recently offered India to options to either sponsor or incubate at least a total of 1,000 information technology startup based  in Goa through its funded programmes through other partnering agencies. Google has also offered to arrange “mentors” form leading IT companies within India and aboard to guide the startups. The mentors will be leading personalities around the world.


Chief minister Manohar Parrikar recently confirmed the development after Google own India managing director, Rajan Anandan had a meeting with him, stated that he had preliminary discussion about these issues. Parrikar expressed enthusiasm. ”We are interested in the ideas. We have asked them to submit concrete proposals. We are likely to meet at the end of July,” said Parrikar.

A Goa chamber of commerce and industry statement said that Anandan along with Nitin Kunkolienkar, vice-president of Manufacturers’ Association of Information Technology (MAIT), met Parrikar during May 30 with the proposal to virtualize the entire state.

Anadan offered his service to manage the complete virtualization of the state so the whole of Goa is mapped on the Internet giant’s 3D digital map and the state becomes completely tourist friendly, director general of GR S Kamat stated.

Kunkolienkar commented that Parrikar has shown eager interest in this offer. Firstly, virtualization of Goa and having its very own Google 3D map imagery will help out with tourism infinitely stated Kunkolienkar. Not only will physical location be shown with 3D but even business houses, including small shop, shall become available on Google maps in 3D for viewers to see from all over the world.

 ”Every business and shop can get connected to the globe. Google will create everything. The government only has to facilitate this,” said Kunkolienkar.

At the moment, people have resorted to using the global positioning system in order to find roads and directions, But with a 3D maps, people will be able to gain a line view of the place, he stated.


The former president of GCCI has also stated that Google has impressed them with several initiatives of the Goa government when it comes down to information technology, these include the state’s cyberage scheme under which the government has provided with computers to school and college students. Goa has vast potential and a figure of 1,000 startup quite easily achievable considering that Google is aiming towards support over 10,000 startups within Bangalore,

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