Google Map Maker Has Now Become Available For Singapore.


Google Map Maker Has Now Become Available For Singapore.

The Internet giant known has Google has recently launched its editing tool, a crowdsourcing initiative tat allows user to add information onto its mapping service, in Singapore, urging the local community to “start sharing there favorite Lion city spot with the rest of the world today.”

 Map Maker.

By utilizing Google Map Maker, user will be able to submit revision to the map and submission shall be updated on Google Maps once they have been verified. The verification process is largely made community based, in which other user can review the proposed changes, although Google has their own team of reviewers as well.

Things are changing all the time in Singapore, said Mr Andrew McGlinchey, Senior Product Manager, Google, Southeast Asia.

“Buildings are being opened up, torn down, roads are changing, stores are opening and closing. It’s very very hard for us to keep up to date and there’s no better way to do it than to have the people who live nearby be able to just go change it, and keep it accurate that way.”

“We often hear … people saying ‘Did you know this road is actually closed now? Did you know this building is not there anymore and Google had got it wrong’. We’re trying — we have Street View, we’re licensing data, we’re doing the best we can to keep up. … We know that people would like to fix this and now when someone says ‘Hey Google, did you know this isn’t right?’ We can say ‘Thank you please be our guest and fix it directly’,” he quipped.


Geographic information that been categorized in being able to label are that of buildings, natural and political features, as well as roads, rivers and railways. Users can also provide updates on businesses, for instance, if they are no longer in operation at certain locations.

Users area able to , at the moment, edit the maps of over more than 200 countries and region around the world by utilizing Google Map Maker, launched during 2005.

A very good example would be its perfect use for a crises relief.

The Philippines, which has the misfortune of being struck by an average of 20 tropical cyclones every year, places used during crisis, such as health centers, government offices, gymnasiums and public schools used for evacuation, have already been mapped by users as part of a project for the Philippine Red Cross. Users have also helped map Atta Abad, in the Gilgit-Baltistan semi-autonomous region of Pakistan, which suffers from massive amounts of flooding.

“We work with say, the United Nations, and been able to give them access to this digital data. They have been able to use that to figure out where to go to help administer care and they can use that as a base map,” he said.

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