Google launches Android One, Setting It off At India Firstly.


Google launches Android One, Setting It off At India Firstly.

Google has recently unveiled a new program by the name of Android one, which contain a specific set of hardware and software guidelines for device makes to adhere to if they wish to attain the official status of ‘Android One’.

Android One.

The program was announced during the Google’ I/O conference, Android one guidelines are open for all device creators but are mostly intended on helping cut down on the cost and time normally required to develop an affordable smartphone during the short amount of time.

For the end user, Android one shall mean a much more unified Android experience that is free from any manufacturer’s own design, such as Touchwiz or sense, fewer pre-installed application and timely software updates. Actually, the software will be a plain ole Android, but will also include the option for OEMs to include locally relevant software modifications.



This can be quite the genius move from Google. One of the biggest criticism of Android throughout its entirety has been the fragmented software and hardware that surrounds the platform, mostly when it comes to the lower end of the value chain. By ensuring that certain devices are in keeping with minimum specification, the company can guarantee a much similar level of performance and customers won’t need to feel a let down by sub-par devices or overzealous software tweaks.

The very set of these devices has been said to arrive in India from manufacturers such as Micromax and Karbonn and will launch of with less then $100. Micromax’s very first device shall offer a 4.5 inch display, dual-SIM slot and support for SD cards.


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