GlocalMe Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Rental.


GlocalMe Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Rental.

Hong Kong uCloudlink Network Technology Ltd., manufacturer of the revolutionary GlocalMe pocket Wi-Fi hotspot is proud to announce that GlocalMe service is currently available in over 60 countries and will be available in 100 countries by the end of 2014.


GlocalMe is a global mobile internet access service that offers the GlocalMe G1, a mobile hotspot devicewhich charges local 3G rates and is available with both PAYG and data packages. It also provides cappeddaily rental plans for rental businesses.

GlocalMe G1 is a cheap international roaming mobile hotspot which transfers 3G signals to Wi-Fi networks,” said Kim Lee, Director of Marketing from uCloudlink. “Allowing for global roaming at local rates, GlocalMe can help international travelers save a lot on data roaming charges. During the design stage, uCloudlink considered the needs of both individual customers and rental customers. It is very simple for rental agencies to operate a GlocalMe mobile hotspot rental business.”


Yoyo, a university sophomore, discovered the beauty of the GlocalMe while going on a trip to Hong Kong. Renting GlocalMe G1, she found that it offered ample coverage and was inexpensive and easy to use. Because of this, she decided to purchase ten GlocalMe devices and rent them out to her classmates. People were blown away by how the GlocalMe did not require the insertion of a SIM card and provides Internet access in over 60 countries. There is no cost if the device is not used, so there is no pressure for those operating rental businesses. Naturally, the endeavor was quite a success and before long she teamed up with a few friends to open an online rental store. Business was brisk and within months the online store was visited by over 800 people a day. More coverage and being 20% cheaper to rent than other pocket Wi-Fi devices, the GlocalMe is a world apart from similar competing products.

After three months, Yoyo opened another two online rental stores and now makes 100,000RMB a month. She is looking forward to opening another store and has also begun working with travel agencies in an effort to begin offline sales while also helping to better serve international travelers. The international travel market is growing and over 100 million people have traveled abroad in 2014. “GlocalMe Wi-Fi rental will make my millionaire dream come true and my advice to others is to seize every opportunity they can,” she said. Her Taobao store is located at

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