Global Brain invests into Artist Matchmaking Site


Global Brain invests into Artist Matchmaking Site

It can be quite difficult to try and locate the correct illustrators for the correct business job, which is the main reason why services such as can be quite usefully in matching up talented people in a particular region. With a fresh round of funding, there a chance for the South Korean-based provider Mbite may be able to expand even further.


Global Brain Corporation, the Japan-based venture capital, has recently announced that it has invested into Mbite. Global Brain partner Jiro Kumakura shall be joining the service provider boards of directors.

CEO of Global Brain Yasuhiko Yurimoto stated that is worth the investment placed into due to its positive reputation on gaining some of the top artist from Japan and South Korea through a professional filter. The site allows game developers from a selective variety of genre artwork such as characters, landscapes and items. The platform has be developed multi-language translation service so that its easier for international games developer to utilize and locate the correct people for the art job.


CEO of MBite Jung-Yong Kim stated that this venture wouldn’t have happened if he had not met up with Global Brain during the previous May’s beLAUNCH conference held in South Korea.

 “Global Brain is famous in Korea for its track record of growing Korean startups globally, such as the success of 5Rocks, Inc.”

With this newly recent investment, Mbite will brings its service globally, specifically in places such as China and English-speaking countries. Due to its translation services, having even more exposure beyond simply Japan and South Korea would be a massive boon. Not only for Mbite, but also for up coming artist and businesses everywhere looking for more art resources and foreign talent willing to work remotely.

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