Giant Video Game Companies Being to Focus on Publishing Instead of Developing.


Giant Video Game Companies Being to Focus on Publishing Instead of Developing.

Korea’s leaders within the gaming industry have recently begun to change the direction of the business from game develop to publishing games. As larger companies are continuing to focus much more on supporting the small-time game developers or foster their own subsidiaries, the games developed on their own have begun to represent a rapidly decreasing share of total revenue.


WeMade is one of the gaming companies that was lucky enough to attract the attention of a publisher. The famous Wind Runner which has pretty much rescued the from the company from the red during last year, is a creation of tits affiliated developer Link Tomorrow. Link Tomorrow has been officially overtaken by WeMade’s subsidiary Joymax earlier within the year.

The number of games that have been created by Nexon’s subsidiaries is relatively few but each one of them carries significant weight. Neople, one of the man subsidiary of Nexon, has manage to contribute around half of Nexon’s total operating profit during the year 2013. Dungeon and Fighters and Cyphers, which have claimed over 400 million users worldwide are creation of Neople.

Netmarble, which has come up with the greatest number of hits in the domestic mobile gaming market during the previous year, has been commanding over more than ten game developers which include, Seed9 Games and N2 Play under its banner. Gamevil, which used to focus more on game development, is actively involved in game publishing now.


The video game industry has shown that the giant gaming companies are most likely to become even more dependent on their subsidiaries. An ecosystem in which the large company shall provide funding and proper environment for small-time developers and publish the creation of the developers when they are prepared to be settled in. The industry explains that it has a win-win game for both parties since the larger companies can take advantage of quality game contents and developers can receive a much more stable flow of investment.

A game industry insider said, “As mobile games that can be made by a smaller number of people in a relatively short time gain popularity, the role of small developers in the industry has become more important because they tend to have advantage in the marketplace of ideas.”

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