Gengo Release’s Three New Language Pairs And Its Open Data Initiative.


Gengo Release’s Three New Language Pairs And Its Open Data Initiative.

A global people-owned translation platform launched platform, Gengo, has recently launched its Open Data Initiative on the newly-designed homepage. The display showcase the increase number in real-time of lifetime worlds translated and total translators within Gengo’s diverse network. Along with this release of its new data, Gengo will include three new language’s, English to Serbian, English to Slovak and English to Ukrainian- to its growing list of offerings.


Gengo was initially founded during 2008 and in its early days translated over 3,405 words with 49 translators in its network. By the end of 2013, Gengo has managed to translate over 150 million words with network of 9,141 translators. As of today, Gengo has manage to translate over more than 200 million words at current rate of four words per second with a network of up to 10,822 translators from over 144 countries.

The launching of Gengo’s Open Data Initiative provides a transparency and insight into the company’s milestones and platform metric that were previously unavailable.

“Publishing our lifetime word count and translator network data is only the first step in our overall Open Data Initiative. In the near future, we plan to share a wide range of operational data from our platform. We believe this kind of transparency is lacking in our industry and it will provide our customers with the information they need to find fast and easy human translations at scale,” stated Robert Laing, Co-founder and CEO, Gengo.


Gengo will be introducing new language pairings to help meet the needs of its SMBs and enterprise customer base. As of recently, TripAdvisor, a long time customer of theirs, was in need of a new pairing to reach different international markets. In order to reach this demand, Gengo qualified translators from around the world for an English to Serbian, English to Slovak and English to Ukrainian. Gengo currently offers translations in 34 languages and 58 language pairs, with the addition of the three new languages, which will become available during the late 2014.’

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