Game Publisher Perfect World to Purchase Game Developer Digital Extremes.


Game Publisher Perfect World to Purchase Game Developer Digital Extremes.

Illustrious Chinese game publisher Perfect World, the people behind the publishing and online promotion for DOTA 2 in the region, along with publishing a large load of of online games like Neverwinter Online and Star Trek Online, has set their sights on purchasing the game developing Digital Extremes.


The released document that details the proposed acquisition informs us that the companies “entered into a non-binding term sheet”, to which Digital Extremes agreed to the proposed investment. The game developers are not allowed to solicit alternate offers for 40 days. This acquisition is a joint venture between Perfect World and Chinese chicken meat products suppliers Sumpo Food Holdings.

For those who are ignorant on their work, Digital Extreme is a game developing company that is known for its free-to-play online shooter called Warframe. The company previously worked on games such as The Darkness 2 and the multiplayer component of BioShock. One important question would be, wether this recent acquisition would affect the Warframe game.


From what’s been found out so far, it seems that it may lead to some negative affects for the game. According to a Wareframe thread on the Perfect World acquisition, user ‘wendiGhoul” claims that any game company that is purchased by Perfect World will have to shift their development away from new gameplay content, and will instead asker the developers to focus main on ingames lockboxes and lottery systems of getting in-game items and rewards.

Creative director for Warframe, Steve Sinclair, stated on an official forum post, that despite this recent buyout, the games future design will still be up to Digital Extremes.

 “For legal reasons, we can’t disclose specifics, but if you know the history of Warframe you’d know that we are intent on having Warframe’s design remain in the hands of Digital Extremes. Yes, opportunities will arise for us but the game itself is and will remain a labour of love for us.”

With the huge amount of success from DOTA 2 and popularity statues in China, thanks to Perfect World, this might not be much of a negative deal for Digital Extremes, provided that the creative control is not messed with for the sake of unnecessary profit and gain. Warframe is pretty fun game that can easily be picked up for the PC or PS4 and played to one’s own heart content.

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