Gamba Raises a Funding Round of $400,000.


Gamba Raises a Funding Round of $400,000.

Based in Yokohama, Japan, Gamba, The startup that provides businesses reporting tools under a similar name, has recently announced that it has managed to successfully secured 40 million yen ($400,000) from two Japanese investment firms; East Ventures and Skyland Ventures. The fellows their previous funding over $200,000 from Skyland Ventures previously during October 2013.


Gamba was initially launched during December of 2012 by Mashiro Morita, who previously worked for a Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten as a business development producer. Gamba has manage to recently partner up with Japanese internet company Nifty, where Gamba’s cloud-based reporting tool was included to the series of Nifty’s business software packages named Hakokura. , which has manage to sell over more than 17,000 computer stores nationwide in Japan with its main objective to give internet-unfamiliar SME owner more opportunities to learn and try to a variety of cloud-based services. Gamba is currently in talks with other companies to create more sales channels to users they have not yet reached.

Most of these companies that are currently utilized cloud-based service tend to usually have their CEO’s or operation manages who become early adopters. Although, startups will have to reach for late adopters as well in order to develop a much bigger user base. This leads to those who have manage to develop an amazing service, but will have a major struggle to acquire any kind of user, they will need to study and learn from a company like Gumba in order to increase their connection with any kind of potential customer and advertise on why their is a much Superior performer to that of other available platforms.

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