Fusion VR, The Cutting Edge in Virtual Reality Application.


Fusion VR, The Cutting Edge in Virtual Reality Application.

A Virtual reality application by the name of “Fusion VR,” which was developed by a Korea application developer ARC Interactive, has recently received acclaim for its highly innovative feature in “Asia Smartphone Application Contest Awards 2014″ by winning the “Merit Award{ in the creative Lifestyle category.


The annual event was hosted by the Korea Association for ICT Promotion, the Hong Kong Wireless technology Industry Association (WTIA), the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC_ and the Hong Kong Wireless Development Center (HKWDC) to recognize the excellence of innovation and efforts in developing the most capable smartphone applications.

Each award is given into three different categories these being Advertising and Marketing, Game and Education, and Creative Lifestyle, each giving out a gold, silver and bronze award. The contestants were from such places as Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan, whose products went through two rounds of assessment before the final winners were chosen during June 12th.

A total of six application from Korea have won the awards during the contest, in the Game and Education and Creative Lifestyle categories.

Fusion VR.

“Fusion VR” is a forefront virtual reality application to appreciate a space or virtual model house by utilizing ARC Interactive patent “freedom of movement and improved implementation of converged virtual reality” technology. The technology provides advanced virtual reality service of undisturbed 360-omnidirectional view of any space just like real life.

 This method can be applied onto anywhere in the building and allow the users to configure optimal moving path throughout the space.For instance, in a similar fashion to visiting an actual model house, the user can experience the full opening of doors, turning on and off the lights and also change the colors of both the furniture and walls, as they move through the virtual world provided by the application.

This highly sophisticated application was developed in order to operate in the similar fashion for desktop computers, web, Ios and Android devices.

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