Fujitsu Begins to Offer Mobile Health Support for its Female Users in Japan.


Fujitsu Begins to Offer Mobile Health Support for its Female Users in Japan.

NTT Docomo has recently revealed its new lineup of smartphones for the summer time, and those that were included among its new handsets was the Arrows NX F-o5F. Developed by Fujitsu, this will become one of the many Fujitsu phones that shall feature the new Karada Life Pregnancy Support application targeting female users. According to Fujitsu, as of recently, the services will become available beginning May 30th within Japan.


This application was developed by Fujitsu utilizing APIs from Luna Luna, a service that million of women within Japan are using to become much more aware of their menstrual cycle, by recording period timing and body temperature.

The Works.

To make things short, a range of services will become provided by both Fujitsu and Luna Luna, including estimation of menstruation and ovulation times, based on data from the previous two months, and lifestyle advice. There ‘s also a highly convenient body temperature management that makes use of the wireless and automatic transmission of data from thermometer to the smartphone.

Other developing groups have also released their own, such as the Ateam, who released an application for women trying to to get pregnant, sometime during the past year. It’s a positive thing to witness when companies such as Fujitsu try to provide more options for the people.

More and more companies are striving to catch the attention of the female population within Japan. During the previous month, for instance, Amazon Japan had launched its newly made female-focused store front to specifically target women and mothers.


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