Free-to-Play Gaming Company Nexon, Sees Positive Results In China and Korea.


Free-to-Play Gaming Company Nexon, Sees Positive Results In China and Korea.

Korea Number one free-to-play game publisher Nexon, has seen quite a favorable first quarter, according to information found on their latest fiscal year report.


The company managed to gain a revenue that totals up to $464 million for the quarter that had ended during March 31st of this year. it also received profits that totals up to $157.8 million during that moment in time. Both of these results had went up by seven percent year-over-year, surpassing its previous original predictions.

These relatively high numbers for the company were due to its free-to-play games doing extremely well in places like China and its own home country in Korea. President and CEO of Nexon, Owen Mahoney, stated that PC games such as FIFA Online 3, Sudden Attack and Dungeon Fighter Online had gained some very strong sales during both regions.


FIFA Online 3 has managed to gain a strong quarter due to the game’s constant updates and the release of its mobile version for the game. FIFA Online 3 M. Online shooter Sudden Attack has a total of 17.6 percent of Korea’s PC cafe market share.


Dungeon Fight Online, the ever popular side-scrolling beat-em-up mass multiplayer combination, has surpassed extremely high expectation within China thank to the game’s recent Lunar New Year update. It’s monthly active user account have become stable quarter-over-quarter.

Mahoney commented that the compaany has also managed to achieve quarter-over-quarter mobile revenue growth, thanks to its most recently newly release Korean mobile games like Legion of Heroes and the mobile version of FIFA Online 3.

”Going forward, we will sharpen our focus on quality across all platforms,” Mahoney said.

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