Foodpanda Updates Their App with The Addition Of Mobile Payment.


Foodpanda Updates Their App with The Addition Of Mobile Payment.

FoodPanda has recently announced a cashless mobile payment option as its new feature offered though their popular mobile food deliver application, which grants the user the capability to not only easily order food from a variety of restaurants based on their location through their mobile device, but also allows them to pay for it immediately while utilizing their device, as well.


In order to use this feature, the Android and iOS user must download the 2.0.9 version of the Foodpanda application. They will then need to link their credit card for the service to process. It’s quite quick and simply to process and allows the user to gain the freedom to order their food without having to worry about having cash when it’s delivered. Instead, the payment process is already taken care of at the time the order was placed. So, FoodPanda user can pay for their food delivery service in advance without the need of carrying any sort of cash.

Although one problem with this service is the fact that this option is not available for every restaurant. For this to work out, the restaurant must support online payments and be integrated into the Foodpanda system. Henceforth, not everyone of the listed restaurant will work though the use of mobile payment option.


While its latest in-app payment feature is not an original concept, as its competitors, GrubHub and Just Eat also added similar features a while back, Foodpanda still remains quite popular. Mobile user like to use application that give them the capability to browse and order food from restaurant menus that are available near their location. Additionally, the service operation from more than 20 countries, these include India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Georgia, Cambodia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, and others.

Along with the recent integration for this new mobile payment feature, the application overall performance has been improved and the interface of the application was reworked. More restaurants have also been included. The latest version of the Foodpanda application is currently available for download at both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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