Food Delivery Startups Are Getting Real, Eleme Secures $80Million Funding


Food Delivery Startups Are Getting Real, Eleme Secures $80Million Funding

We have been seeing more and more food delivery startup hitting the startup scene. A while back, people were talking about the big battle in Korea between two top food delivery startups. Just today Eleme, a food delivery startup in China received 80 million dollar in funding led by Dianping. This is going to be a huge partnership for the food service industry in China.

For those that aren’t familiar with Dianping, Dianping is the Yelp of China. It has a massive database of restaurant, merchants, businesses and ratings. Eleme is the food delivery service that will deliver all types of food straight to your door. You can order from their app or website. Dianping also tried to release their own food delivery system last year, but it was not as popular as Eleme.


Through this partnership, the two will be able to share partnership data and merchant services. Eleme currently have over 20,000 restaurants all over China under their listings and will look to expand even more with this new funding round. Some people are also saying that Eleme is taking in investment too soon. The startup just raised a round back in November for 25 million.  According to data released by, China’s total consumption amount on catering industry hit 450 billion yuan in 2013 and this figure is expected to reach 700 billion yuan by 2016 at an annual growth rate of 16%.

The food delivery scene have been on a rise in China lately. Not long ago we saw another food delivery startup that delivered home cooked food straight to your door. There was another one that delivered street food straight to your door. A lot of people are saying that the food startups are nothing more than a bubble that will explode anytime. The annual sales through exceeded 1.2 billion yuan (around $192 million), according to the company.

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