Flappy Bird To Make A Grand Come Back With Multiplayer included.


Flappy Bird To Make A Grand Come Back With Multiplayer included.

It’s been recently reported that hit sensational mobile game known as Flappy Bird shall be returning to a mobile devices sometime soon, according to a report done by CNBC. Kelly Evans, the reporter who wrote the article for CNBC, spoke with the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, who confirmed that the sensational 16-bit styled game will be making a grand coming to take the hands and minds of people over once again.


Flappy Bird had been reported to be making over thousands of dollars a day and even topped the download charts for both iOS and Android before Nguyen decided to remove the game. This new version shall come out with a multiplayer option included.

The game is still undergoing development so Nguyen has stated that fans shouldn’t expect it to come out so soon. Although, for those who were lucky enough to download the game before it was taken down, then obviously, they should continue to play that version.


Flappy Bird gained massive attention in the mobile-gaming scene earlier in the year. It appeared out of nowhere and quickly gained million of people tapping their screens to keep their birds soaring. This gain attention not only for the game itself, but for Nguyen as well.

While people may have reacted quite positively, but many have heavily criticized Nguyen for releasing a game they didn’t like and for including artwork that is similar to that of Mario games. Ans some have even accused him of allegedly sing bots and other unethical means to make Flappy Bird reach its heights of popularity.

During Feb.9, Nguyen deleted the game from the App Store and Google Play. After a couple of days, he went on to explain that he made this decision due to people becoming too addicted to the game.

With this new upcoming Flappy Bird currently at works, Nguyen promises to make sure the new one isn’t as addictive.

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