Fix Up Your Property With Online Contractor Platform, Kluje.


Fix Up Your Property With Online Contractor Platform, Kluje.

Managing a facility can be quite the difficult task. Not only does one have to keep the estate clean and the utilities in pristine condition, but owners will have to respond immediately to any complaints and refrain from spending far too much, lest they go over their budget and raise the maintenance fee, which would lead towards the ire of the facility owners.


Recently an online contractor platform Kluje has announced a new plan for the extension of its contractor matching service to over 30,000 licensed property agents and facility manages based in Singapore, With the platform, they have the ability to post and manage jobs with little to no cost, and locating better quality contractors.

From whats been stated by CEO Jamey Merkel, the new agency service main goals are to help time-strapped agents and managers maintain their properties at a priced manner.

 “We have created a tailored solution for real estate agents and facility managers who are always stretched on time to maintain and fix the properties they’re looking after,” he said. “Knowing that they’ve to manage their time more effectively, we hope that’s agency platform can bring productivity gains for the industry.”

Merkel further elaborated that its new service was fashioned in such a way that a single account holder can service up to multiple residence or offices. Through a unified dashboard, the user will be able to manage the jobs posted indicated whether the contracted should collaborate with them, or directly with the property owner. This new solution allows agents to post more on home improvement jobs that can be found in Kluje platform.

According to information provided by the Council of Estate Agents (CEA), there were over 30,000 licensed property agents purchasing and selling over 22,000 residential properties during 2013 within Singapore. Together the over all growth in the property market of Singapore, this pool of agents and estate managers shall provide a very lucrative market for Kluje, as the will need units to stay in great form to allure and retain owners.


In order to make the service much simpler to use for property agents and facility managers, Kluje shall introduce a simple 3-step process to realizing and maintaining one property:

  • First, post ‘jobs to be done’ on the website for free
  • Second, up to three quality contractors can bid for the job
  • Third, select the best contractor based on their portfolio and ratings.

To further attract more signups, is also simplifying their price tag. While the agent accounts is completely free, contractors only have to pay a one percent lead cost, which is determined by the budgeting size of the homeowener, agent, or facility manager, instead of a fixed membership subscription fee.

Merkel has further elaborated on future up coming plans, with the development for a mobile application for homeowners, property agents, facility managers and Contractors to manage jobs/bids on the go. The application will be developed in-house by technology startup accelerator and Kluje’s cornerstone invest GHX, which has been said to be launched soon.

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