Findjob Highlights its Flexjob Through TV Commercials Aimed Towards Women.


Findjob Highlights its Flexjob Through TV Commercials Aimed Towards Women.

Findjob, One of Korea’s Job Portal, shall introduce a TV commercial feature “flexjobs”, the very first of such advertising message in the industry.


The company had stated a week previously that it would launch a TV message commercial that aimed towards those who are searching for a job and get flexible time jobs such as women who tend to quit their jobs either due to childbirth or retirees aged around 50s and 60s. Flexjob has become a buzzword by the government in hopes of raising employment rates up to 70 percent.

Findjob was the very first job portal to develop a flexjob section on its online website and has since then put out an average of 30,000 flexjob classified ads a day.The new TV commercial shall highlight flexible-times jobs for stay at home mothers and older individuals who are currently out of work.


During one of the showing, a woman stated that she wants tow work for a total of three days a week, a housewife expresses her wishes to be employed after having sent her kids to their school.

The President of FindJob, Choi In-Nyeong, stated, “According to recent statistics, the percentage of women in their 30s in the labor market was 57 percent, a record-high level [based on May 2014 data].We wanted to deliver a message in the upcoming commercial that we are the specialist in job information for women who want to keep both work and family.”

Since the previous July when Findjob inked an agreement with the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family to promote women’s  flexjobs, It has manage to work along side with the Federation of Korea Industries and the Ministry of Employment & Labor’s worknet to provide much more flexible job information. The company is, at the moment, developing applications for women and retirees flexjob information.

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