Facebook in Recent Talks Of Opening A Sales Office In China.


Facebook in Recent Talks Of Opening A Sales Office In China.

As of recently, Facebook has decided to take the proper steps into opening a sales office within China, in order to work with local advertisers, according to people who are closely related to this matter, in a move what would place the social network’s employees in the country for the very first time, even as its service continues to remain censored there.


Facebook could open an office in China within a year to serve a growing set of customers living in the country, stated a person who is closely related to this situation, who also asked to remain anonymous due to how private this information is supposed to be. Facebook is currently in discussion of gaining a lease for space in Beijing’s Fortune Financial Center, located in the city’s central business district, according to those who are close related to this matter. The company hasn’t decided on whether they should hire contractors or full-time employees for a sales office, which would require an operating license.


Opening a China office would grant then a a significant step for Facebook given the country is one of the largest market that remains relatively untapped by the social media company. While Facebook;s social networking service has been banned by the Chinese government previously in 2009, The company, using an office based in Hong Kong, outside of mainland, has silently developed a business within the country by selling ads to companies that want to reach out towards international user.

“Today, our sales team in Hong Kong is supporting these Chinese businesses, but because of the rapid growth these businesses are achieving by using Facebook, we are of course exploring ways that we can provide even more support locally and may consider having a sales office in China in the future,” Facebook Vice President Vaughan Smith said in an e-mailed statement sent to Bloomberg.

He refused to comment yesterday on the timing or location of a China office.

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