Facebook Experimental Ad For India Allows User to Place a “Miss Calls” .


Facebook Experimental Ad For India Allows User to Place a “Miss Calls” .

Facebook has the tendency of facing quite the few challenges when it comes to expanding its services into emerging markets. The company has to find a variety of ways for people to gain access on its platform by maneuvering around limitation which include a a wide spread use of feature phones, user who wish to save on communication cost, and slow their internet speed in certain countries.


In order to appeal to advertiser who wish to target customers in emerging markets such as Brazil, Indonesia, India, Turkey and South Africa, Facebook has had to thought up of some ad products that are much better suited for the needs of user and advertiser in such countries.

Facebook has recently revealed that one of these experiments is currently under going in India. The company is testing a type of ad product created around the ” missed call” behavior in the country, which came to be due to the high cost of voice calls. This means people dial a number and hang up before the call even goes through, so in order to save the call time. It’s much more of a signal to the recipient that indicates they are currently outside and/or requesting for a return call.

Missed Calls.

Currently. when a person living in India sees an advert on Facebook, they can place a “missed call” by click the ad from their mobile device. In the return call, the user then gains access to content such as music, cricket scores or messages from celebrities, as well as brand message from the advertisers, without having to spend any airtime or ata. Facebook states that it plants to scale this product during the coming months, to a much larger audience.

Facebook has also unveiled that it’s extending targeting option towards marketers in emerging markets. Advertiser in India will now be able to target people by state without having to list multiple cities, while the company stated that it’s also working to bring a similar geo-targeting features to Nigeria, Turkey, South Africa, Indonesia and Latin America. During the meantime, life-stage targeting features that are available within the US and UK, which allows messages to reach certain groups of people such as parents and retirees for instance, will ” soon become available in these emerging markets as well.

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