Expand Your Website Globally with the Help of WOVN.io.


Expand Your Website Globally with the Help of WOVN.io.

Localization. Even with the web intertwining people around the world together even more closely, this gap is lighting up a countertrend of niche sides, where the relevant content are being locked away from the the English-speaking internet side, utilizing a local language and prevent access towards other web users.


With all of that pointed out, there exist plenty of translation companies and startups reaching to take localized content global and vice versa, utilizing innovations such as artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing to generate accurate translation that capture precisely the information within the content to be translated. Currently, a Japan-based startup named Minimal Technologies has made it their goal to make this process even more simpler for site owners.

The company’s flagship product, WOVN.io, allows website owner to provide translations conveniently, utilizing an API that includes a single line of Javascript code. With this, users will simply integrate the code onto their site, click on a “Machine Translate” button, and WOVN.io will automatically translate the site’s page elements into 10 major languages, utilizing the Bing translation service.


The most amazing thing about WOVN.io, is that users are given the choice to amend these translation, preventing awkward gaffes such as these. By providing a bridge between a rapid yet unreliable machine translation, and slow but accurate human translation, WOVN.io opens itself to collaboration with crowdsourced translation service such as Gengo or Convac.

According to the Founder and CEo Takahaur Hayashi, the main targets for WOVN.io are small business owners, who are incurring increasing outsourcing cost in terms of web development, which also includes the expense of engaging translation companies. Even so, translation is a service that is applicable to practically all sorts of text-based content on the web, and Jeff Sandford, Engineer at Minimal technologies, points out that tourist sites, restaurant websites, music and games news sites all have a huge potential for WOVN.io

With a funding round gain from Incubate Fund in Tokyo, Minimal Technologies is prepared for the next grand step, which is monetization. At the moment as a free service, users of WOVN.io can look forward to being able to request professional translation for a fee, in addition to the free machine translation service that is currently provided.

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