Exotic India Offering a Wide Range of Ethnic Indian Earrings.


Exotic India Offering a Wide Range of Ethnic Indian Earrings.

Exotic India is a leading online retailer of high quality artwork, jewelry and textiles, all of which have an Indian origin. The company has recently updated its list of offerings to include a new range of ethnic India earrings that are made using high quality sterling silver and are adorned with precious and semi-precious gems. The company makes these new earrings available to lovers of Indian artwork and jewelry in all parts of the world at reasonable prices.

A senior executive of the company stated, “We have been operating since 1998 and have earned a reputation for ourselves as the best retailer of high quality Indian artwork and jewelry that are carefully selected and handpicked by our team of experienced editors. Our editors do not just list all products they come across for sale, but instead they meticulously go through the origin of each piece and select products that are made using the best quality materials and have high aesthetic value. The new range of earrings that have just been added to our e-store feature intricate designs and are made by renowned Indian artists.”

Exotic India

Exotic India.

Exotic India is entirely dedicated to the welfare of the highly skilled artists that hail from different parts of the Indian sub-continent. Hence, the company not only pays them upfront for the products it purchases from them, but also shares a fair amount of the profit it earns while selling these extraordinary pieces of artwork to their admirers in different parts of the world. Over the years, Exotic India has established a large clientele that usually purchase products from the enormous range of handpicked goods offered by the company, which include paintings, textiles, gold and sterling silver jewelry and sculptures.

“We aim to make India’s renowned art accessible to its admirers in all parts of the world. This is the reason that our skilled editors spend most of their time in selecting the best pieces for sale on our online store. We have an established clientele and hence, we have already shipped orders to more than 153 countries in the world”, further added the executive.


Exotic Art adheres to the principles of fair trade and it pays artists, designers and artisans on an upfront basis. Moreover, the company is strictly against child labor and certifies that no products listed on its website for retail sale have involved child labor in any stage of its production and development. Moreover, the company also shares a part of its profits with its artists for their welfare. For the products, Exotic India offers a wide collection of gold jewelry, moonstone jewelry, paintings, textiles like Indian sarees and lot more at best possible prices.

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