Electric Motorbike Startup Terra Motors Expands Into India.


Electric Motorbike Startup Terra Motors Expands Into India.

The uproar echoing throughout India’s busy streets will most likely soon to be muffled by the low hum of electric motorcycles as local and Japanese manufacturers scramble to develop electric models for this swarming market, one of the largest around in the world.


While India’s electric motorbike market is still in its infancy, demand for such an environmentally friendly vehicle could have a large coon as congestion and pollution become a serious problem for major cities such as New Delhi. Also, young city folks have showed a very strong interest for the unusual new products.

The Indian Conglomerate Mahindara Group has opened up a factor just for these two-wheeled electric vehicles in the U.S. state of Michigan during a much early time in this month, with full production expected to being as early as this year. The facility will initially be capable of creating over 9,000 units a year, with a the capacity to eventually grow into 20,000 units.

The plant will also be assembling the GenZe, a model developed in the U.S. and which will initially be sold there. The urban two-wheeler whose price has not yet been disclosed, will have a range of over more than 40 km  and a top speed upward of 50 kph, according to the company. Mahindra aims to cultivate the electric motorbike market with its sites on selling the vehicle in India.


All electric motorcycles from various manufacturers, which are mostly made up of scooters, can be charged at home. Some Companies are developing hybrids that contain both electric and internal combustion engines.

Hero MotoCorp, the main motorcycle unit that under India’s Hero group, has begun to develop their own hybrid motorbikes. A group company has already sold electric motorcycles in India. Its latest electric scooter, the Photon, is priced at more than 50,000 rupees (US$852), with a high percentage of its parts obtained locally.

Japanese electric motorbike startup Terra Motors plans to enter into the Indian market be release scooters and other models already on sale within Japan and Southeast Asia. It’s also considering building a factory of its own in India.

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