Ekay Works Introduces Its New Network Service Named “Stay Hi”.


Ekay Works Introduces Its New Network Service Named  “Stay Hi”.

As technology for communication continues to develop into something that would allow people to connect person-to-machine, an era of hypverconnectivity will be reaching everyone sometime soon.

Stay Hi.

The company that is specializing in engineering and user experience, Ekay Works, stated during June 27th that it has manage to launch a whole new service “Stay Hi” that has commercialized the world’s very first smartphone-to-smartphone active detecting system based on the Bluetooth sensing technology.

Stay Hi has the ability to find people and stores within a range of 30 meters by utilizing the Bluetooth technology. With this application, the user can “talk” to a stranger on the street without having to ever talk.

Even without glancing about much, a user can receive a coupon for a store they have entered. With the Stay Hi application on, the user can search up the profiles of anyone within the 30-meter distance and send a short messages.


Stay Hi is quite different from any other location-based services in that it does not collect the user’s location information. It is also different from Beacon, a location-based service that gives out same coupons to anyone who passes by a commercial establishment. In that sense, Stay Hi is superior in the spam blocking feature.

Shin Dong-min, EkayWorks president, said, “Stay Hi is a whole new network service with novel features like real-time interaction and high-level security. We launched this service to help highly individualized people look out there and care more about other people.”

This application just comes to show how far both mobile phones and communication in general have managed to advance so far.

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